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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Perhentian Island - Marine Park

Objective are the benefits of the Marine Parks Conservation and protection of coral reef areas from human-induced impacts to sustain fisheries resources. Upgrading and conserving the natural habitat of endangered species of aquatic life. Establishment of specific management zones for the conservation of aquatic flora and fauna. Establishments of zones for recreational use consistent with the carrying capacity of the areas.
Provisions for the establishment and management of Marine Parks in the Fisheries Act 1985 allows for the control of the following activities.
Permitted Activities :
Underwater photography.SwimmingObservation and appreciation of aquatic flora and faunaScuba DivingSnorkeling
Prohibited Activities :
Water skiing, speed boat racing and jet skiDestroying and removing or collecting any coral and other aquatic lifeVandalizing any structure or object within the Marine Park areaAnchoring of boats over the coral areasCarrying and using weapons that can endanger, or kill aquatic lifeFishing in the park areaDischarging pollutant and rubbishConstructing or erecting any building or other structure within a Marine Park area.
Let's all together be responsible for the conservation of the beautiful marine environment.


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